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Recruiting & Retention

Talentcare is a recruiting and retention firm focused exclusively on healthcare. Our model is highly disruptive to the (tired) way healthcare recruiting has been done. Our aim is to build a great team for our clients so they can execute their organization’s healthcare and service mission. TalentCare is different in that we:

  • Use big data, predictive analytics and assessments to predict fit, performance, and retention
  • Profile each role, creating a standard that can be “cloned” during recruiting
  • Assess with validated industrial psychology: work style/personality, culture fit, and problem-solving
  • Create customized talent pools in advance of our clients’ hiring needs
  • Focus with our clients on the broader “people picture” with a data-driven approach
  • Can address all of our clients’ roles, clinical and non-clinical, senior and junior
  • Structure our fees to keep total costs low and share risk with our clients in long-term relationships

Our nationwide client set represents all areas of the healthcare industry: providers of care, payers and population managers as well as service providers to the healthcare industry.

We understand what it takes to hire a key nurse for a long-term care facility in a small town or manage the recruitment process at a metro hospital. We know how to find and keep talent in a high growth, tech-savvy business or how to find RNs for claims processing and prior authorization.

Entity Name TalentCare
Website www.talentcare.us
Headquarters Austin, TX
Contact Info@TalentCare.us